2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before operating the navigation system. See NAVIGATION SAFETY .

When a route is selected, the user has the option to edit the route via the following:

  • Route options: Select the preferred option from the fastest, shortest, or the most economic route.

  • Route preferences: Select to remove or add route preferences such as, roads, tunnels, or ferries.

A waypoint can also be added, deleted, or a route rearranged for any active route guidance.

To add a waypoint:

  1. During an active route, expand the search card on the navigation map screen. See USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

  2. Touch the Add waypoint soft key.

  3. Search for a destination:

    Input the required destination and select.

    Alternatively, select a waypoint from any saved destinations or categories.

    If the selected destination is correct, touch the Add soft key.

  4. The waypoint is added to the active route guidance.


    Follow the same process if any additional waypoints are required.

The following options can also be selected:

  • Remove waypoint: Swipe the added waypoint to reveal the bin icon¹. Touch the icon¹ to remove the waypoint from the current route.

  • Change the order of the waypoints: From the list of added waypoints, drag and drop to re-order the waypoints.

Bin icon.¹