2020 Defender



Metallic objects may become hot if they are placed between the mobile device and the charging mat, which may result in serious injuries.


Do not place anything other than a Qi-compatible mobile device or accessory onto the charging mat. Items such as keys, key fobs, coins, jewellery, paperclips, or foil sweet wrappers may interfere with the wireless charger operation.

The wireless charger is located on the centre console, behind the gear selector. Move the sliding tray forwards to access the wireless charging mat.

The wireless charger provides up to 15 Watts of power to charge Qi-compatible mobile devices. The wireless charger 1 is located under the sliding cover 2.

To use the wireless charger:

  1. Switch on the vehicle’s ignition.

  2. Place the Qi-compatible mobile device in the centre of the mat with the device's screen facing upward. Align the longer edge of the device with the longer edge of the wireless charging area. Charging commences after a short delay of up to 10 seconds.


Remove the mobile device from the wireless charger to stop the charging process.


The amount of charging current supplied and the time taken for charging is entirely under the control of the mobile device.


The wireless charger continues to charge during an engine stop/start event.


Aftermarket device cases or enclosures can reduce wireless charging efficiency, or block it altogether. If a Qi-compatible device exhibits problems charging wirelessly, remove any aftermarket cases or enclosures.


Removing the device from the wireless charging mat and replacing it will reset the connection.


Dynamic driving could cause the device to move around on the wireless charging area. Dynamic driving may cause the wireless charge process to disconnect briefly. Make sure the device remains flat on the wireless charging mat.

The wireless charger switches off automatically when the mobile device is fully charged.

The following icons appear on the touchscreen and relate to wireless charging status:

Charging: Indicates a device is on the charging mat and recognised by the system.

Charged: Indicates the mobile device is fully charged.

Foreign object: Indicates a foreign object is detected on the charging mat. Occasionally, the wireless charging system may display this symbol while cooling down. Wireless charging will resume once the system's temperature has normalised.