2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before using the wade sensing feature. See WADE SENSING SAFETY.

The wade sensing feature is designed to help the driver when driving through water. The wade sensing feature calculates the depth of water adjacent to the vehicle. The touchscreen displays the results along with the maximum wading depth. See DIMENSIONS.

To enable the wade sensing feature, select the WADE SENSING option (1) from the 4X4i INFO screen. See 4X4i INFO.

The touchscreen and instrument panel display warning messages as the vehicle approaches its maximum wading depth. Warning tones accompany the warning messages.

If the wade sensing feature limitations are exceeded, the touchscreen image turns grey and the water level no longer displays.


The wade sensing feature disables the parking aid and auto stop/start systems.

For further information on wading, visit www.landrover.com and search for 'wading'.