2020 Defender


The ECO driving program adjusts various vehicle systems and features in order to increase fuel economy.

The ECO driving program can be used in conjunction with the ECO DATA feature. The ECO DATA feature comprises a number of touchscreen displays designed to encourage a more efficient driving style. See APPS SCREEN.

When selected, the ECO driving program:

  • Switches off the heated or climate seats.

  • Switches off the heated steering wheel.

  • Sets the auto blower speed to low.

  • May reduce the audio volume.

In addition:

  • The heated windscreen does not automatically switch on when the engine is started, if configured to do so. See CLIMATE SETTINGS.

  • The performance of the climate system may be affected.

The ECO DATA feature monitors, displays, and records the driver's manual inputs on the touchscreen. Automatic inputs, e.g., adaptive cruise control acceleration, are not monitored, displayed, or recorded. Items not being monitored or recorded are greyed out.


The ECO DATA feature only begins recording data after the vehicle has travelled at least 1 km (1 mile).