2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See TOUCHSCREEN SAFETY.

To access the customisable button settings:

  1. Touch the settings icon¹ from any screen.

  2. Touch the ALL soft key.

  3. Touch Apps.

  4. Touch Favourite Steering Wheel Switches.

  5. Select from the two customisable steering wheel button options:

    Short press.

    Long press.

  6. Touch the forward arrow in the box below Short press or Long press to open the options menu.

There are four main feature options with sub options to choose from:

  • Navigation.

    Cancel guidance.

  • Media.

    Next media source.

    Mute Audio.


  • Phone.



    Mute phone.


  • Other.

    Upper screen off.

    Traffic alerts.

  1. Select the main feature option.

  2. Select the sub option.

Touch the exit icon² to return to the previously displayed screen.

A corresponding short press or long press of the steering wheel favourite button operates the stored feature. See AUDIO STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS.

Settings icon.¹

Exit icon.²