2020 Defender



Only applicable to Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Russian Federation.

In the event of a traffic accident, the terminal automatically collects data on the exact location of the accident, time, and severity. The terminal transmits the data, with a high-priority alert, to an ERA-GLONASS operator. Once verified, this information is passed on to the emergency response services. The vehicle's driver and passengers can also contact an ERA-GLONASS operator manually.

The test procedure determines if the system is working correctly.

Make sure that the following conditions are met before starting the procedure:

  • The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied.

  • The vehicle is stationary for at least 1 minute.

  • The ignition is switched on or the engine is running.

  • An emergency response call is not in progress.

  • Network reception is good.

Press the assistance call button for at least 3 seconds, but for less than 10 seconds. See DRIVER CONTROLS.

After pressing the assistance call button for 3 seconds, also press the emergency call button for at least 3 seconds. The call button's LEDs flash amber as the test procedure starts and continue to flash until the test procedure ends. See DRIVER CONTROLS.

The ERA GLONASS test procedure prompts the user with the following:

  • Announce the start of test mode.

  • Announce lights check.

  • Announce microphone check.

  • Announce speaker check.

  • The results of test mode are pronounced and display in the instrument panel.

  • A call is made to the ERA GLONASS test centre to record the test results.

The SOS backlight flashes red and the instrument panel displays a warning message if the system is faulty.

If all of the preparation conditions are met and the instrument panel displays a message, contact a retailer/authorised repairer.


A warning message is also displayed if there is no network reception. Move the vehicle to an area of good reception and retest.

The test procedure ends after 5 minutes if the ignition is switched off, or if the vehicle is driven more than 300 m.


If the test procedure is repeated, make sure there is a time delay of at least 5 minutes before retesting.

There is a single battery that maintains full system operation in the event that the vehicle's battery is disconnected or disabled. The battery is guaranteed for the vehicle's warranty period. If the battery requires replacement, the instrument panel displays a warning message. Consult a retailer/authorised repairer for a replacement battery.