2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See DRIVING AIDS SAFETY.


Make sure the LKA system is disabled when connecting a trailer.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) monitors the road lane markings in the event of an unintentional road lane departure. If the vehicle is about to cross a lane boundary, a rotational force is applied to the steering wheel to counter the lane boundary crossing. The instrument panel displays a warning icon when a rotational force is applied to the steering wheel.

The Lane Keep Assist (LKA) system can be switched on and off via the steering wheel control button (1). The button icon illuminates green when the LKA system is switched on.


The steering wheel button (1) also controls operation of the Blind Spot Assist (BSA) system. See BLIND SPOT ASSIST.


The LKA system selection is retained across all ignition cycles.

The instrument panel displays an icon when the LKA system is switched on. The icon changes colour as follows:

  • Grey lines indicates:

    The lane boundaries are not being tracked.

    The driver is indicating on the same side.


    When indicating left, the left side only is greyed out. The same strategy applies when indicating right.

    One or more of the system limitations criteria may have been met. See LANE KEEP ASSIST (LKA) LIMITATIONS.

  • Green lines indicate that the lane boundaries are being tracked.

  • Red lines indicate when the LKA feature is intervening.

LKA status can also be viewed via the Driver Assistance instrument panel view. See CONFIGURING A VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT PANEL.

The Driver Assistance view displays a visual representation of the vehicle’s position within a lane in the instrument panel. The lane boundaries change the same colour as the icon:

  • Grey

  • Green

  • Red


The Head-Up Display (HUD) also displays a warning.