2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See COLLISION AVOIDANCE SAFETY.


Make sure the BSA system is disabled when connecting a trailer.

The Blind Spot Assist (BSA) system applies corrective steering inputs if:

  • A vehicle is detected in the blind spot monitor area, and:

  • A lane change manoeuvre is attempted.

If a lane change manoeuvre is initiated while a risk is detected, the relevant door mirror displays a flashing vehicle warning icon.

At the same time, a rotational force is applied to the steering wheel to counter the lane change. The instrument panel displays a warning icon with an audio alert when a rotational force is applied to the steering wheel.


The Head-Up Display (HUD) also displays a warning.


The BSA system operates irrespective of the use of direction indicators.

If required, the steering input provided by the BSA system can be overridden in order to complete a lane change manoeuvre. To override the steering input, the driver must apply force to the steering wheel, to counter steer the steering input from the BSA system.

The Blind Spot Assist (BSA) system can be switched on and off via the steering wheel control button (1). The button icon illuminates green to confirm system status.


The BSA system selection is retained across all ignition cycles.

A warning indicator (2) also illuminates in the door mirrors when the BSA and blind spot monitor system’s are disabled, not active, or there is a system fault. See BLIND SPOT MONITOR.


The steering wheel button (1) also controls operation of the Lane Keep Assist (LKA) system. See LANE KEEP ASSIST (LKA).