2020 Defender


The virtual instrument panel can be configured using the steering wheel controls. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU OPERATION and INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU OPTIONS.

To configure the virtual instrument panel:

  1. Select Display.

  2. Select Layout.

The following options are available:

  • Two dial: Displays the speedometer and tachometer either side of the information panel.

  • One dial: Displays two information panels either side of a central tachometer.

  • Full map: Displays the navigation system information over the entire instrument panel.

  • Media: Displays the current media source information over the entire instrument panel.

  • Driver assistance: Displays the currently enabled driver assistance features over the entire instrument panel.

The selected option is retained after the vehicle’s ignition is switched off.


Driving status information, e.g., the vehicle’s speed, is always displayed in the instrument panel, irrespective of the option selected.