2020 Defender



Make sure to read and fully understand the relevant warnings before using any of the features in this section. See CHILD SEAT SAFETY.


Children should travel in the rear of the vehicle at all times. Front passenger seat travel is not recommended.


Extreme hazard! Never place a rearward facing child restraint on the front passenger seat. The infant could be seriously injured or killed if the airbag deploys.

A child should only travel in the front passenger seat if it is essential and national or state legislation permits it. If this is the case, it is recommended that the following preparations are made before fitting the child restraint:

  • Disable the front airbag. See DISABLING THE PASSENGER AIRBAG.

  • Adjust the seat to the rearmost position.

  • Adjust the seat cushion to the highest position.

  • Adjust the seatback to the optimum upright position to support the child seat.

  • Adjust any lumbar support to the minimum support position.

  • Adjust any cushion extenders to the fully retracted position.