2020 Defender



Make sure to read and fully understand the relevant warnings before using any of the features in this section. See SEAT BELT SAFETY.


A seat belt slider may be fitted to this vehicle. When the seat belt is not in use, the belt slider allows for optimal positioning of the metal tongue.

Each seat in the vehicle has a dedicated seat belt, designed for an occupant older than 12 years of age or weighing more than 36 kg (80 lb). Occupants with a lower age, or a lower body mass, should use an appropriate child restraint. See CHILD SEAT REFERENCE TABLES.

To fasten a seat belt::

1. Make sure that the seat, and occupant’s sitting position, are correct.

2. Draw the belt out smoothly across the collar bone at the mid-point between the shoulder and neck, and down to the appropriate buckle.

3. Press the metal tongue into the buckle until a click is heard.

To unfasten a seat belt::

1. Hold the belt.

2. Press the red button on the buckle.

3. Guide the seat belt back to its original resting position.


When releasing the seat belt, hold the belt before pressing the release button. Doing so prevents the belt from retracting too quickly.

If a seat belt height adjuster is fitted, to operate::

Never attempt to adjust the seat belt height once the vehicle is in motion. Doing so may cause incorrect seat belt adjustment, or loss of vehicle control.


Always make sure the height is correctly adjusted and the mechanism is locked in place before driving. Maladjustment of the seat belt could reduce its effectiveness in a crash.

1. Press and hold the button to release the locking mechanism.

2. Slide the mechanism up or down to the required height.

3. Release the button to re-engage the locking mechanism.