2020 Defender


The electronic air suspension system:

  • Does not operate if there are insufficient air reserves in the system. Insufficient air reserves may occur due to frequent height adjustments within a short period of time. Run the engine without making further suspension height requests to replenish the air in the system.

  • May not operate if the engine is not running.

  • Operates without the engine running if:

    The auto stop/start system switches off the engine.

    A request to lower the suspension is made within one minute of the vehicle’s ignition being switched off.

    A request is made to raise the suspension from the auto access height to the normal height.

    The rear height adjust feature is operating.

  • Stops operating shortly after a door is opened. If the door is closed within 90 seconds, operation resumes if sufficient air reserves are available.

  • Only lowers the vehicle when a door is open if sufficient air reserves are available to return it to its original height.

  • May not lower the vehicle to its lowest position while a door is open.

The instrument panel displays messages to inform the driver of any system or performance issues.