2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant warnings and cautions have been read and fully understood before adjusting the electronic air suspension. See ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION SAFETY.


The suspension height is automatically lowered for safety to increase the vehicle’s stability. Overriding the automatic suspension height setting is not recommended. Doing so could cause a loss of control of the vehicle during extreme manoeuvres, resulting in serious injury or death.


Exercise great caution if the suspension is lowered for safety while driving off-road. Driving off-road with the suspension lowered could cause damage to the vehicle.

If a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) fault is detected, the suspension height may automatically lower to increase the vehicle’s stability. In this event, the instrument panel displays a message. The electronic air suspension indicator lamps on the front control panel also extinguish. See ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION CONTROLS.

To manually override the automatic lowered safety height setting:

  1. Press either the up (3) or down (2) button on the front control panel.

  2. Follow the instructions given in the instrument panel.


The instrument panel displays a warning message if the vehicle is driven enthusiastically while the safety height setting has been overridden.