2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant warnings and cautions have been read and fully understood before adjusting the electronic air suspension. See ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION SAFETY.

The vehicle can be lowered to allow easier access. To lower the vehicle to access height:

  1. Make sure the vehicle is in the normal height setting. See NORMAL HEIGHT.

  2. Press the down button (2) on the front control panel. See ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION CONTROLS.

The instrument panel displays a message to confirm the vehicle is at access height.

Access height can be requested while the vehicle is moving. The suspension does not lower until the vehicle’s speed is reduced sufficiently. If the vehicle’s speed isn’t reduced sufficiently within 1 minute, the request is cancelled.

Access height can also be selected:

  • Up to a minute after the vehicle’s ignition is switched off.

  • For a few seconds after the driver’s door is opened.

The vehicle can be configured to enter access height automatically. See AUTO ACCESS HEIGHT.

The normal height setting is automatically resumed once the vehicle is driven. To manually select the normal height setting, press the up button (3) on the front control panel.