2020 Defender



Never place objects on top of the loadspace cover. During an accident or sudden manoeuvre, loose objects could cause serious injury or death.


Remove the loadspace cover before moving the seats. Failure to do so may result in damage to the loadspace cover.

110 wheelbase loadspace cover

90 wheelbase loadspace cover:

  1. Attach one side of the loadspace cover to one of the anchor points next to the window. Stretch the loadspace cover across to the opposite side of the vehicle. Attach the anchor points next to the adjacent window.

  2. Pull the cover rearward and insert the locating pegs into the attachment points on the rear pillars.


When the cover is fitted correctly its label should not be visible. The label should be on the underside of the fitted cover.

Soft cargo barrier:

To attach the soft cargo barrier:

  1. Remove the trim covers using a suitable tool.

  2. Insert the upper cargo barrier hook into the slot.

  3. Pull down to secure.

  4. Attach the lower points to the securing hooks as shown.