2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before towing a trailer. See TOWING SAFETY.


The detachable tow ball is very heavy. Extreme care must be taken when manoeuvring the tow ball. Use two hands to safely manoeuvre the tow ball. Make sure that no body part is below the tow ball during fitment or removal. Failure to safely manoeuvre the tow ball could result in serious injury or death.

The detachable tow ball is stored under the loadspace floor.

To fit the detachable tow ball:

  1. Remove the protective cover from the mounting bracket. Store in a safe place.


    Take note of the orientation of the cover to aid refitting.

  2. Insert the key and turn clockwise to unlock the handwheel.

  3. Pull the handwheel away from the tow ball. Simultaneously turn the handwheel approximately half a turn counter-clockwise. The red lug on the handwheel should enter the green indicator scale.

  4. Rotate the handwheel counter-clockwise until it locks into position. The red lug should remain in the green indicator scale.

  5. Using both hands, push the tow ball up into the mounting bracket. A click is heard when the tow ball is fitted correctly. The handwheel returns to sit flush against the tow ball. The green indicator lug should be aligned with the green indicator scale.

  6. Insert the key and turn counter-clockwise to lock the handwheel.

Once the tow ball is fitted, replace the keyhole cover and safely store the key below the loadspace floor.


The detachable tow ball should be removed if it is not required for immediate use. See REMOVING THE DETACHABLE TOW BALL.


Make sure the detachable tow ball is stored safely in its bag using the lashing eyes on the loadspace floor. In the event of an accident, or under heavy braking, the tow ball can become a projectile, potentially causing serious injury or death.

The trailer electrical socket is mounted on the tow bar.

Move the electrical socket into the deployed position (2). Make sure to move the electrical socket back into the stored position (1) once the tow ball is removed.