2020 Defender



Make sure the relevant safety warnings and cautions have been read and understood before towing a trailer. See TOWING SAFETY.


Tow assist only operates if the connected trailer has had a profile created and has been calibrated. See TRAILER CALIBRATION.

Tow assist displays camera views of the rear or side of the vehicle, to assist the driver when reversing a trailer. Trajectory lines are overlaid onto the images, depicting the predicted path of the trailer. Different camera views can be selected via the touchscreen. See CAMERA SYSTEM OVERVIEW.

Tow assist can be configured to use either the surround camera system or the rear camera system.

The tow assist icon displays on the touchscreen passenger side bar when a trailer is connected. See CAMERA SYSTEM OVERVIEW.

To activate tow assist:

  1. Touch the tow assist icon.

  2. Select the appropriate profile for the connected trailer.

  3. Select Reverse (R).


The trajectory lines change colour based on the angle of the trailer in relation to the vehicle. Red trajectory lines indicate that damage may occur to the vehicle or trailer if the steering is turned further in the same direction.


The vehicle's ignition must be switched off before disconnecting a trailer.