2020 Defender


Make sure to read and fully understand the following warnings. Failure to comply with the safety instructions may result in an accident, leading to serious injury or death.


Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before removing the spare wheel. See WHEEL CHANGING SAFETY.


An open taildoor obscures the rear lights. If available, place a warning triangle at a suitable distance behind the vehicle, facing toward oncoming traffic. See WARNING TRIANGLE.


Do not store the wheel while the vehicle is raised on the jack.


Always secure the spare wheel, or the removed wheel, in the correct position, using the three wheel nuts.


If in any doubt regarding the ability to remove or secure the spare wheel, seek assistance. See ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.

The spare wheel is located on the taildoor. The spare wheel is secured to the vehicle with three wheel nuts.

The location of the locking wheel nuts depends on the specification of the vehicle:

  1. Steel wheels: One locking wheel nut in the upper position, as shown.

  2. Alloy wheels: Two locking wheel nuts in the lower positions, as shown.

Vehicles with steel wheels have a hubcap. To remove the hubcap:

  1. Insert a suitable tool into the slot on the hub cap.

  2. Carefully lever the hub cap off the wheel nuts.

To remove the spare wheel:

  1. Carefully remove the spare wheel's cover or hubcap.

  2. Use the locking wheel nut adaptor and the wheel brace to remove the locking wheel nuts. See TOOL KIT.

  3. Remove the standard wheel nuts.


    Make sure that the spare wheel is supported when removing the final wheel nut. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death.

Vehicles with alloy wheels: A spare wheel alignment tool is supplied in the vehicle's tool kit. See TOOL KIT.

Install the spare wheel alignment tool as shown before storing the spare wheel on the vehicle:

  1. Fit the spare wheel alignment tool to the spare wheel carrier.

  2. Tighten the spare wheel alignment tool using the end of the wheel brace.


Make sure that the locking wheel nuts are fitted in the correct location.

Reverse the removal procedure to store the changed wheel. Tighten the spare wheel nuts to 120 Nm.


Make sure that the hubcap is correctly aligned to the locking wheel nut.

To install the hubcap:

  1. Align the hubcap to the locking wheel nut.

  2. Press the hubcap firmly into place.