2020 Defender


Voice settings gives the options for enabling, disabling or adjusting the settings of available features.

  1. Touch the VOICE icon in the Apps screen. See APPS SCREEN.

  2. Touch the settings icon.¹

  3. Touch the VOICE SETTINGS soft key.

Settings icon.¹

The following settings options are displayed:

  1. Voice Feedback: Toggle On or Off.


    Alternatively, briefly press the voice button and say voice feedback on or voice feedback off.

  2. Voice Interrupt: Toggle On or Off to enable/disable interrupting the audible prompts from the voice system.

  3. Wake Word: Toggle On or Off and adjust wake word options.

Wake word:

With wake word activated it is possible to start a voice session with a spoken phrase. The default phrase is Hey Land Rover, it is also possible to set a custom wake word.

To set a custom wake word:

  • Touch My Wake Word via the voice settings menu.

  • A speech session is initiated, follow the on screen instructions to set a custom wake word.

  • Upon successful completion the system will repeat the wake word back.

  • If the wake word is unsuccessful, voice feedback will be provided and the settings screen is displayed.

Once a custom wake word is set additional options are available:

  • Remind Me: touch to replay wake word.

  • Delete Wake Word: touch to delete the custom wake word.

Media search:

Preferences for media voice search results can be adjusted via the voice settings menu. Touch to toggle Show Online and Show Embedded search options on or off.