2020 Defender



Do not ignore any warning or information messages displayed in the instrument panel. Take appropriate action as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to the vehicle, serious injury, or death.

The instrument panel displays warning and information messages to the driver.

Warning messages require the driver to take action as soon as safely possible. Warning messages are accompanied by a warning lamp.

Information messages provide the driver with vehicle information, or actions to be taken.

Press the O icon on the left-side steering wheel controls to clear a message. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU OPERATION.


Clearing a warning message does not rectify the fault. The associated warning lamp remains illuminated until the fault is rectified.

If a persistent fault is detected, the instrument panel displays the relevant message each time the vehicle’s ignition is switched on. The messages are displayed in order of importance, with the highest priority message being displayed first. Each message is displayed for 4 seconds. Some messages may be accompanied by an audible tone.

Some messages may also display an Owner’s Handbook symbol. Further information on the message can be found in the relevant section of the Owner’s Handbook.