2020 Defender



National or local regulations may restrict the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are commonly used as antifreeze agents in windscreen washer fluid. A windscreen washer fluid with limited VOC content should be used only if it provides adequate freeze resistance for all climates in which the vehicle is operated.

The washer reservoir supplies the windscreen, rear screen and headlight washer jets.

Check and top up the reservoir level at least every week. Always top up with screen washer fluid to prevent freezing.

Operate the washer controls periodically, to check that the nozzles are clear and properly directed.

Top up the windscreen washer fluid as follows:

  1. Clean the washer fluid filler cap before removing, to prevent dirt from entering the reservoir.

  2. Remove the filler cap.

  3. Top up the reservoir until the fluid is visible in the filler neck.

  4. Replace the filler cap.