2020 Defender


The requirement to adjust the headlights for temporarily driving abroad is dependent on the type of headlight fitted.

Legal requirements apply when a vehicle is to be driven in a country, where the direction of traffic is on the opposite side of the road.

To avoid dazzling oncoming drivers, action must be taken to limit the distribution of the headlight dipped beam.

Vehicles with LED and Premium LED headlights:

Vehicles with LED and Premium LED headlights have a beam pattern that eliminates the need to adjust the lights.

Vehicles with matrix LED headlights:

Matrix LED headlights require the road driving side option to be changed within the system settings menu.


If the vehicle is fitted with a navigation system and traffic sign recognition feature, the headlights adapt automatically.


For vehicles fitted with a navigation system, for each ignition cycle, the hand of traffic resets according to the region in which the vehicle is being driven.

To change the road driving side option via the touchscreen:

  1. Touch the settings icon¹ from any screen.

  2. Touch the ALL soft key.

  3. Touch the Vehicle soft key.

  4. Touch the Exterior Lights soft key.

  5. Touch the forward arrow in the box below Driving side to open the options menu.

  6. Select Drive on left or Drive on right, for the driving side of the road.

  7. Touch the exit icon² to return to the previously displayed screen.

Settings icon.¹

Exit icon.²