2020 Defender



Only use approved accessories. Using any other equipment may damage the vehicle's electrical system. If in any doubt, contact a retailer/authorised repairer.


The engine should be running when using electrical accessories for long periods. Failure to do so can discharge the battery.


12 V power sockets can be used to power approved accessories that use a maximum of 120 Watts.

Auxiliary power sockets:

  1. Rear loadspace 12V power socket.

  2. Second row passenger 12V power sockets and USB type A sockets.

  3. Front centre console 12V power socket, USB type A socket, USB type C socket and SIM card slot.


    Not all markets have a SIM card slot. If the vehicle has no SIM card slot, it has an non-removable SIM instead.

  4. Front passenger USB type A socket.

  5. Loadspace 230V/120V power socket.


Do not use wet or damp power connectors. Wet or damp power connectors could result in injury or death via electric shock.


Do not exceed 180 Watts power consumption. Exceeding 180 Watts power consumption may result in vehicle damage.