2020 Defender


The trip computer displays and stores trip information. The information panel displays the information.

The following information can be displayed:

  • Date.

  • Trip distance.

  • Average speed.

  • Average economy.

  • Instantaneous economy.

  • Range.

Press and release the trip button, located on the end of the lighting control, to scroll through the available options.

Some trip computer information can be reset to zero. Press and hold the trip button for 2 seconds, when the instrument panel displays the required information.

Two trip computers are available: Trip A and Trip B. Both display the same information. To switch between the trip computers:

  1. Select the Trip instrument panel menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU OPERATION and INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU OPTIONS.

  2. Select Trip bank.

  3. Select Trip A or Trip B.

A third option, Trip Auto, is also available. Trip Auto allows the driver to add or remove data from either Trip A or Trip B to a running total.

To add data for the last journey to Trip Auto:

  1. Select Trip Auto from the Trip bank menu.

  2. Press the trip button for longer than 1 second.

  3. The instrument panel displays either Adding last journey or Removing last journey. Press the trip button for longer than 1 second to select the desired option.

The trip computer can be configured to display in km or miles in the same way as the speedometer. See SPEEDOMETER.