2021 Range Rover Velar



The activity key system uses Radio Frequency (RF) transmissions that could interfere with implanted medical devices. Make sure that any susceptible medical devices are kept at a safe distance of at least 22 cm (9 in) away from any transmitter. Maintaining this distance avoids any possibility of interference between the system and the medical device. The RFs and field strengths used by the keyless entry system operate well within required medical standards for radiated emissions. In rare circumstances, interference may cause an implanted medical device to malfunction, potentially resulting in serious injury or death. See SMART KEY-SYSTEMSENDER.

The activity key is a touchscreen wristwatch. The activity key is designed to support situations where the smart key might be obtrusive or difficult to keep secure. The activity key is waterproof to a depth of 40 m (131 ft) and is shockproof. Care should be taken during certain sporting activities, e.g., skiing, jet-skiing, or diving, to protect the activity key.

The activity key provides full keyless entry and keyless start functionality. See KEYLESS ENTRY, SCHLÜSSELLOSE VERRIEGELUNG and ANLASSEN DES MOTORS.

When the activity key is activated, the vehicle locks, the alarm system arms, and any smart key remaining inside the vehicle is disabled.


Locking preference settings are retained when locking or unlocking the vehicle using the activity key, e.g., single or double locking. See EINFACHE VERRIEGELUNG.

Activity key touchscreen use:

The home screen displays the current time (1). Press and hold the screen for approximately 2 seconds to wake the home screen. Swipe downwards to bring up the next menu item. Swipe right to select the current menu item.

The battery charge level (2) is shown in the top right of the screen. If the activity key battery charge level drops below 30%, the screen displays a prompt to charge the activity key. The screen disables if charge drops below 25% to preserve functionality.


When left idle for a period of time, the activity key's touchscreen switches off to preserve battery power.

Recharging the activity key:

The charge icon (3) is displayed when the activity key is being charged. A magnetic USB charge cable is supplied with the activity key to enable charging. Replacement charge cables are available at retailers or authorised repairers.

Locking with the activity key:

The vehicle must be switched off. After exiting the vehicle and closing the last open door, swipe upwards to access the activity key's Locking menu. Press the lock icon to lock the vehicle. The hazard warning lights flash to confirm. If power-fold mirrors are enabled, they will fold in. Touch the home icon to return to the home screen.


If a locking attempt is unsuccessful, an audible alert sounds. Check that all of the doors and the tailgate are closed, and that the vehicle is switched off.


If the tailgate of a locked vehicle is opened using the smart key, an audible alert may sound when re-closing the tailgate. Should this occur, fully unlock the vehicle before attempting to close the tailgate.


When the vehicle is locked with the activity key, any valid smart key remaining inside the vehicle is disabled. Any valid smart key outside the vehicle remains enabled.

Unlocking with the activity key:

On returning to the vehicle, swipe upwards to access the activity key's Locking menu. Press the unlock icon to unlock and disarm the alarm system. The hazard warning lights flash to confirm. If the power-fold mirrors are enabled, they unfold.


When the vehicle is unlocked with the activity key, any valid smart key inside the vehicle re-enables.

Tailgate operation:

The tailgate or boot can be opened using the activity key. Swipe up from the home screen until the tailgate-boot icon is shown. Press the icon to open the luggage compartment. If power tailgate or boot is fitted, the tailgate or boot will open fully. Press again to close the luggage compartment.

Alarm sound:

To sound the alarm, swipe up from the home screen until the hazard warning triangle is displayed. Press the triangle to sound the vehicle's alarm. Press again to switch off. Alternatively, briefly touch the home screen three times in quick succession.


The panic alarm cannot be cancelled during the first 5 seconds of operation. Once this 5 seconds has passed, the panic function on the smart key will de-activate the panic alarm.

Wet mode:

Wet mode inhibits the screen to prevent accidental operation when submerged in water, or subjected to water splashes. Swipe up from the home screen until the water drop symbol is displayed. Press the drop to activate wet mode. To exit wet mode, touch the screen four times in quick succession. A progress bar confirms screen touches until the screen is unlocked.


Swipe up from the home sceen until the Settings cog wheel is displayed. Pressing the cog wheel will display a clock face icon, from which the displayed time can be adjusted.