2016 Discovery Sport


InControl Wi-Fi allows in-car connection to the internet using a 3G connection. It utilizes the roof mounted antenna, increasing the reliability of continuous 3G connection while on the move. Better data connection strength is achieved, compared to a smartphone in the vehicle, as the metal structure of the vehicle restricts the phone's data reception.


This feature requires the Land Rover InControl Remote app. See INCONTROL PROTECT.

A 3G Data only SIM card, sometimes called an Internet only SIM or Mobile broadband SIM, must be inserted into the SIM card holder. The SIM card reader utilizes a ‘Micro-SIM’ interface. If your SIM card is a different size, for example, ‘Nano-SIM’, an adaptor or replacement SIM card will be required.


If your SIM card has previously been used, and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been set, remove the PIN before using the SIM card in the vehicle.

The SIM card holder is located on the left side of the luggage compartment behind a removable panel.

  1. Press the button to release the SIM card holder.

  2. Remove the holder from the SIM slot.

  3. Insert the SIM card into the holder and reinsert the holder into the SIM slot. Gently push it back to fully close.

  4. The USB port is for service use only.


Make sure the SIM card is located correctly in the card holder. Failure to do so may damage the SIM card or SIM card reader.

Wi-Fi settings:

InControl Wi-Fi can be switched on or off using the touch screen. From the Home menu screen, navigate to the Extra features menu screen/s, then select WiFi Hotspot. See the touch screen section of this handbook for more information.

The WiFi Hotspot screen displays the Wi-Fi network ID and password. It also allows adjustment of the basic system settings. More advanced settings, including changing your security password and Access Point Name (APN) configuration, can be carried out by accessing the Wi-Fi Hotspot Router menu on your phone.

To access the Wi-Fi Hotspot Router menu:

  • From the WiFi Hotspot screen, select Help.

  • The Wi-Fi Hotspot router address displays on the touch screen. Copy this address into your phone's internet browser.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot Router menu displays on your phone. Log in using the details displayed on the Help screen.

Wi-Fi icons:
  1. 3G phone network connectivity.

  2. 2G phone network connectivity.

  3. Connecting.

  4. No phone network connection.

  1. Wi-Fi hotspot on.

  2. Wi-Fi hotspot initialising.