2016 Discovery Sport


Tow assist displays the predicted path of the vehicle and the trailer, as colored trajectory lines on the Touch screen.


Only use towing equipment that is approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Non-approved towing equipment may adversely affect the accuracy and performance of the vehicle's towing features.

Tow assist requires a tracking target sticker to be affixed to a connected trailer, in the same orientation as illustrated. To display the correct sticker location for the trailer, follow the on-screen instructions for the new trailer configuration menus on the Touch screen.


The tracking target sticker must be affixed at a distance of between 3.3 ft (1 m) and 6.6ft (2 m) from the rear of the vehicle. The tracking target sticker must be affixed to a flat vertical surface that is parallel to the rear of the vehicle. Tow assist does not operate if these conditions are not met.

Tow assist automatically activates, when the vehicle detects a trailer’s electrical plug is correctly attached to the vehicle’s electrical towing socket.

Switch the ignition off when connecting to the vehicle’s electrical towing socket. After connection, switch the ignition on, to enable the vehicle to detect the connection.


If the ignition is switched on during connection, open and close the driver's door to enable the vehicle to detect the connection.

When an electrical towing socket connection is detected, the Touch screen guides the driver through a set of trailer setup menu screens. A series of configuration options are displayed for the connected trailer. Information such as the trailer's dimensions, number of axles and camera preference, is required to finalize the setup. When complete, the vehicle needs to be driven with the steering wheel in the straight ahead position, to calibrate the trailer. The status displays on the Touch screen. Select OK, when complete. The trailer's details are stored for future use.


If the vehicle detects the trailer's electrical connection, the Tow assist soft key also becomes available on the Cameras menu screen. The trailer setup menu screens can also be manually prompted by touching Tow assist soft key. See SURROUND CAMERA SYSTEM.


Tow assist should not be used until the connected trailer's calibration is complete.

In the event of persistent problems with a trailer's configuration or calibration, consult a retailer/authorized repairer.

When a new or existing trailer configuration is selected, Tow assist automatically displays on the Touch screen, when Reverse (R) is selected.