2016 Discovery Sport

ACCESS POSITION (7 seat vehicle)


The vehicle must not be driven with the rear seats in the access position. Motion of the vehicle could cause the seatback to fall forward suddenly, potentially causing injury or death.


When returning the seat from the access position, make sure the area underneath is clear from obstructions that may prevent the seat from locking securely. Unsecured items can cause death or serious injury in the event of an impact or sudden maneuver.


Make sure that when the seatback and seat are returned to the pre access position, the locking mechanisms are fully engaged. Physically test to make sure that the seat and seatback are secure before driving. An unsecured seatback may not properly support an occupant during a collision or sudden stop.

To tilt the seatback or move the seat forward:

  1. Pull the lever on the top of the seatback upward to release the locking mechanism. Move the seatback forward.

  2. Pull the lever on the front of the seat upward to release the locking mechanism. Move the seat forward.