2016 Discovery Sport



The Reverse Traffic Detection (RTD) system is a supplement to, not a replacement for, safe driving, good observation and use of the door mirrors and rear-view mirrors.


RTD is automatically disabled when park assist is active and when a trailer is connected.

RTD adds extra functionality to the rear camera. The RTD system warns the driver of any moving vehicle, on either side, that may pose an accident risk during a reversing maneuver.

  1. The amber warning icon flashes in the relevant door mirror and an audible warning tone is emitted to indicate the presence of a moving vehicle.

  2. When RTD is disabled, an amber dot displays in both door mirrors.

  3. The rear camera screen, or the parking aid screen, displays a warning icon on the relevant side(s) of the screen.

To switch between the rear camera and the parking aid screen, touch the camera image or the Cameras icon, accordingly.

The system can be enabled or disabled via the instrument panel menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.