2016 Discovery Sport


To view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu: Touch the settings icon to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by Navigation.

The NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu contains the following options:

  • Speed limit warning.


    When the speed limit warning feature is in operation, it only registers the official speed limit for the road. It does not register any temporary speed limits. For example, speed limits for: road works, congestion, fog, etc. Also, speed limits shown are only accurate up to the last map update.


    The speed limit warning feature is not available on vehicles with the traffic sign recognition system.

  • Guidance. See SETTINGS - GUIDANCE.

  • POI list sorting.

  • GPS: Select to set the coordinate format.

  • Map Display Mode: Select to set Day, Night, or Automatic as an option.

  • Map View: Select 2D or 3D.

  • Orientation.

  • Current Street.

  • Auto Zoom.

  • Show POI Icons.

  • POI Icon list (only available when Show POI Icons is selected).

  • TMC incidents.

  • Speed and Flow.

  • 3D City Models.

  • 3D Landmarks.

  • Digital Terrain Model.

  • Park Areas.

  • Railroads.

  • City Areas.

  • River Names.

  • System Information.