2016 Discovery Sport


To access the NAVIGATION screen, press the navigation button or touch the Navigation area on the touch screen HOME screen. See TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS.

  1. Navigation menu icon: Touch to select the NAV MENU. See MAIN MENU.

  2. Route menu icon: Touch to select the ROUTE menu.

  3. Destination icon: Touch to set a selected destination.

  4. Information icon: Touch to show information for a Point Of Interest (POI) or for traffic information.

  5. Zoom out icon: Touch to zoom out.

  6. Zoom scale: Drag the indicator along the scale to zoom in or out, or touch the line at the required position.

  7. Zoom in icon: Touch to zoom in.

  8. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and the remaining distance to the destination: Touch to change to the remaining time to destination.

  9. Next maneuver icon: Next maneuver and the distance to the next maneuver. Touch to hear voice guidance for the next maneuver.

  10. Settings icon: Touch to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by Navigation, to view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS screen. See SETTINGS.

  11. Current vehicle position and direction.

  12. Route indicator.