2016 Discovery Sport


The vehicle is built using high-precision manufacturing methods, but the moving parts of the engine must still settle in relative to each other. The breaking-in process occurs mainly in the first 2 000 mi (3 000 km) of operation.

During the breaking-in period of 2 000 mi (3 000 km), observe and follow the instructions below:

  • Do not fully press the accelerator pedal.

  • Avoid high engine speeds (rpm) until the engine has reached its full operating temperature.

  • Avoid operating the engine in too high a gear at low engine speeds (laboring).

  • Gradually increase engine and road speeds.

  • Avoid extended operation at high engine speeds with abrupt stops.

  • Avoid frequent cold starts followed by short-distance driving. Where possible, allow the engine to reach operating temperature.

  • Longer journeys are more helpful during the breaking-in period.

  • Do not participate in off-road driving, competition driving, track days, sports driving schools, or any similar events.