2016 Discovery Sport



The Climate control system removes moisture from the air and deposits the excess water beneath the vehicle. Puddles may form, but this is normal and is no cause for concern.


The LED indicator lamps above the switches illuminate when the function is selected.


When the ECO program is selected, heating and ventilation settings are automatically adjusted to reduce energy consumption. See ECO PROGRAM.

  1. Climate: To access the FRONT CLIMATE screen, touch Climate on the HOME menu screen. See TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS.

  2. Front Seats: Touch to select the CLIMATE SEATS settings screen.

  3. Rear A/C: Touch to select the settings screen for the third row seats Climate control. See CLIMATE CONTROL FOR THIRD ROW SEATS.

  4. Touch to switch the Climate control system off.

  5. Windshield air distribution: Touch to switch on/off.

  6. Air distribution: Touch the upper (face distribution) or lower (body/feet distribution) area to select.

  7. This indicates that the Rear A/C is locked. To access the Rear A/C lock/unlock feature, touch Rear A/C.

  8. Sync: Touch to synchronize the driver and front passenger Climate zone settings.

  9. Touch to select the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by Climate, to view the CLIMATE SETTINGS screen.

  10. Heated front seats or Climate front seats:

    If Heated front seats are fitted: See HEATED SEATS.

    If Climate front seats are fitted: Press the switch to select the CLIMATE SEATS settings screen. See CLIMATE SEATS.

  11. Recirculation: Press for timed recirculation (the recirculation operation time will vary depending upon the ambient temperature), or press and hold for continuous recirculation. Press again to turn off.


    Prolonged use at low temperatures may cause the windows to fog.

  12. Heated rear screen: Press to turn on/off.

  13. Heated front screen: Press to turn on/off.

  14. A/C: Press to turn the Air conditioning system on/off.

  15. Temperature controls for either the driver or passenger: Rotate to change the temperature. The individual set temperature is displayed in the center of the controls.

  16. Press to turn maximum defrost for the windshield on/off.

  17. Press to select the FRONT CLIMATE screen.

  18. Blower speed control: In manual mode, rotate to select the required fan speed for the selected zone/s. The speed selected is indicated by illuminated LEDs.

  19. AUTO: Press to turn fully automatic mode on/off. Depending on the specification of the vehicle, the various options for AUTO mode can be set via the CLIMATE SETTINGS menu.

  20. MAX A/C: Press to turn the maximum Air Conditioning mode on/off.


In low temperatures, it is advizable to close the center face-level vents, and direct air flow from the outer face-level vents towards the side windows. This helps to keep the windows clear of ice.