2016 Discovery Sport


The system is operated by controls mounted on the steering wheel. The driver can also intervene at any time, by the use of the brake or accelerator pedals.

  1. LIM: Press to switch between ASL and ACC. The ACC warning lamp will illuminate to confirm ACC is operational. See CRUISE CONTROL (GREEN).

  2. SET +: Press to set the vehicle's current speed as the set speed. While ACC is enabled, further pressing of the button will raise the set speed above the vehicle's current speed. The speed of the vehicle will increase to reach the new set speed.

  3. RES: Press to resume the ACC set speed after it has been disengaged.

  4. CAN: Press to cancel but retain the set speed in the memory.

  5. Press (-) to decrease the set speed. The speed of the vehicle will gradually decrease to reach the new set speed.

  6. Press to decrease the Follow mode gap. See ENTERING FOLLOW MODE.

  7. Press to increase the Follow mode gap.